Thursday, December 11, 2008


This morning ToggleWifi passed 10,000 downloads. That number to me is a little staggering considering that until now the code that I've written has only been used by the companies I've work for.

Certainly that alone gives me motivation to keep producing anything that comes to mind. The comments and emails I have received have also been overwhelming. But what really gets me is seeing my apps mentioned elsewhere.

I couldn't help doing a google search for "togglewifi android".

Here is someone who mentions my apps (ToggleWifi and ToggleBlu) as two of his most favorite.
Here is a thread on discussing ToggleWifi.
Here my app is mentioned in... whatever language that is.
Here which has a small mention of me by full name.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to Thank You for making such useful applications for Android !

Any chance we will see a 2G/3G toggler in the future ?

Pak-Kei Mak said...

Hey there, just want to say thank you for all your apps! I'd like to contribute some icons for your apps and let's make Android the most useful and the best looking platform out there.

Michael Jenkinson said...

Dear Andrew,
As many have said alreay, your apps are not only easy to use, but are extremely efficient and effective. I find myself looking every few days for a 2g/3g toggler from you, that would become my single most used app. please consider. keep up the good work