Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Party's Over

With this much expected announcement, my "Save MMS" application is officially obsolete.

Surprised it took them this long for such a needed feature.

To date that little utility has been downloaded over 150,000 times and as of this morning cracked the top 10 application on the Android Market. To copy the listing from cyrket as of right now it's:

The Weather Channel
ShopSavvy - Big in Japan, Inc.
MySpace Mobile
US Yellow Pages Search
DailyHoroscope - Max Binshtok
Backgrounds - Stylem Media
Free Dictionary Org -Baris Efe
Ringdroid - Ringdroid Team
Movies and Showtimes - Stylem Media
Save MMS - Me

Success tastes kinda good.

Since I released that app and started talking about it I've had more than a few friends/family lament at how I should've charged for it. Had I waited around for Google to allow paid apps on the Market I would've missed the opportunity. And there are more important things to gain from this than just money.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for your SaveMMS. It was very helpful and much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Great program but haven't found anything to take its place, don't mean to pry but how is it obsolete?

Unknown said...

I haven't found another like it, how is it obsolete?