Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bar Control

If you want better icons, email me an icon. Should be 48x48 pixel PNG24 format.


-Changed "Application Launcher" to "Main Application"
-Added the ability to specify if apps are shown first or last in the notification bar.


-Notifications are no longer "On going" events, so that new notifications show up above Bar Control apps
-Changes made to the way Bar Control stores notifications. I'm now using a database like I should
-Ability to hide Notification Icons until the window shade is pulled down (Thanks MikeDG). This may have side effects because I am doing something the API was never meant to do.
- Clear all notifications button.
- Added Donate Button

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Dmitriy Goryunov said...

Since this blog appears to be the only place I could find to provide feedback about Bar Control, I'll try posting a comment to this rather dated blog entry.
First of, thanks so much for your applications. I used Toggle WiFi for some time and now started using Bar Control. Both are great. You've got my donation.
A couple of smaller issues / suggestions for Bar Control, which I have encountered on JF packaged ADP 1.5 (they could be cupcake-specific):

- Hiding the notification doesn't hide them too well. I have 4 applications referenced and notifications hidden in Bar Control. Whenever any addition notification comes up (for example gmail or gtalk), I got an icon for multiple notification (small clock with a number). Usually such notification icons appears when there are too many notifications to display in the notification bar.

- Compact shortcuts view would be nice. This is a nice to have feature. When notification area is expanded, I have a separate notification line for every application with an icon and application name. Somebody might prefer it this way, but I think that it would also be nice to have a compact view where only icons for applications will be displayed. This way approximately 7 applications could be referenced from a single line.

- Reading icons for applications. I'm not sure if it is a special capability on rooted phones (I have ADP), but some application have no problems with reading icons for other application. An exmaple is Advanced Task Manager. It is showing icons of other applications. It would be great if Bar Control could support it as well.

Thanks again for your applications. They are very useful.