Monday, February 23, 2009

HideNSeek Changelog

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0.91 BETA
The speed of previews have been increased.
Overall memory consumption due to images was slashed. This was causing a majority of crashes. I just didn't understand how best to load large images.
Added "Hide All" and "Show All" buttons.
Added close button on the main screen to remind users to close. As of right now everything I've done to try to get the app to reset correctly have failed.

0.9.4 BETA
Fixed issue where hitting the back button at the flashlight screen could cause the program to go straight into the file manager bypassing the password screen. OOPS.

0.9.3 BETA
Program was loading full sized images as previews and then scaling them down to 48x48 pixels when displayed. The full sized images were staying in memory. The program was using up too much memory which resulted in a lot of the crashes that were reported. Most people reported this problem when trying to open images taken with the camera. This is significant because when I tested it I only tested it with images I put on my phone, not in the Camera directory. Those images have a resolution about 2048x1536. The images I tested with were much smaller. An update in the future needs to optimize preview loading even further.


Anonymous said...

Application crashes in Android 1.5 (Vodaphone Magic). Please fix. Awesome application! It would also be able to see all hidden photos regardless of what folder they are in, instead of having to go through every folder to see where hidden photos are. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

отличный сайт!

fabioq said...

How about adding the ability to launch AVIs in whatever default player has been configured. MP4s, and WMVs already do that but AVI's just display a question mark. In fact, just make sure any videos formats can be launched.