Friday, February 27, 2009

ToggleWifi Changelog


When the app is first run it now asks if you want to enable/disable the notification. If you decide to change your mind, you need to uninstall and reinstall.


Update adds a notification when WiFi is turned on but you are NOT connected to a network.


Frankie Viturello said...

I'm really suprised at some of the comments on the marketplace like "love the new notification" ...

LOVE the new notification? Really?

Seriously, you're a fantastic developer who has made some very - and here's the key term - PRACTICAL applications for the Android. Not just practical but minimal and totally un-invasive.

That "notifications" section in the upper left-hand corner, it's not a place for things that we want to look at all the time, and since most of us are NOT going to be in a Wi-Fi environment constantly ... there's no need for a notification calling our attention and distracting us every time we look at our home screen.

Think about it. The things that pop up in that notification bar are things that are pertinent in the moment, you address them and then clear the notification.

While I appreciate your effort to take an app with practically no interface other than an on/off icon and give it some type of electronic "purpose" ... I really feel that it has gone from the most minimal and un-invasive application on the marketplace to the the most distracting/annoying applications (by your new design).

And while it's nice that you provide an option to jump through a few hoops and downgrade ... if you REALLY want to leave that notifier in there (for the people who "love" it) I'm going to have to request that (instead of just asking us to downgrade) that you build an update with some type of tiny interface that allows us to turn the notification it on and off.

So, please. For those of us who don't "love" the notifier. Do us all a solid and AT LEAST consider that for the next update.


Frankie Viturello said...

Kudos to listening to your critics/customers!

After careful contemplation, I do see why some people might want that icon there (in regards to saving battery life) ...

... but I'm REALLY glad that you acknowledged the other side of things and gave those of us who don't mind spending a bit of battery life on a periodic wi-fi check to keep our notification section clean!


Unknown said...
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Jiri said...


I would like to ask you if it is possible to download the source codes of your ToggleWifi application.


Unknown said...

I posted a somewhat angry comment earlier today about the WiFi randomly getting enabled. I uninstalled ToggleWifi and it's still happening, so I'll have to apologize, reinstall and keep digging.


Anonymous said...

On install I opted not to use the notification service. However, every time I boot the phone now I get a Force Close from toggle wifi, suggesting that some sort of service is trying (and failing) to start -- pretty much what I had hoped to avoid in terms of overhead (and obviously, having to confirm the error message each time I boot isn't going to work in the long run ...)